A family picture

“For over 40 years my family has been dedicated to the world of tobacco and cigars.”

The Beginning of a Legacy

As an importer, my father devoted a lot of his time to marketing the best tobaccos. He took possession of LA COURONNE cigar cellar from its beginnings in 1978. Very early on, my mother developed a passion for cigars and made it her profession to become one of the first cigar-expert women in our country.

She very quickly acquired great notoriety thanks to her tenacity, her love for this craft and, above all, her professionalism. Her great understanding of the art of tasting guided her every day in her relentless work. This is how she gave shape to this brand that was just waiting to grow.

The time of a Succession

Twenty-four years ago it was my turn to devote myself body and soul to my inherited passion; the cigar. Thanks to my parents’ experience in this field, very early on I felt the desire to travel to the producing countries. I had to meet the master blenders and torcedores. The need for me to visit these famous casa de tobacco was extremely strong. My curiosity pushed me to discover tobacco in all its stages of transformation in order to fully feel the atmosphere that reigns in this unique field.

When you linger on it, you realise how meticulous work goes into making a cigar. We discover the unique know-how of these men and women, revealing the incredible entrepreneurial spirit that is necessary in this craft industry. You need as much passion for this product and its terroir as you do for the hands that are at the origin of this production. It is essential to be aware of the poetry and the philosophy of life that keeps the people of this singular domain on the edge of their seats! The stakes are so extraordinary that they become almost mystical.

The respect I feel for these men and women drives me to get up every morning with the powerful desire to pay tribute to them, in my own way. It is to them that I dedicate my passion everyday.

A Heritage within a team

Our team – Cigarpassion is a close-knit team that aims for excellence at all cost. Customer service is as much a point of honour for us as knowledge of our products, which we aim to develop continuously. When you log on to our online shop, you can be sure that you will be fully supported by real professionals in their chosen profession.

Résidence Colonial

“Residence Colonial” is a unique concept in Switzerland, time escapes, the flavours of the Caribbean float in an atmosphere deliberately tinged with the most beautiful scents of Cuban puros and other prestigious terroirs. Résidence Colonial is our House, only guests are accepted.”