Les Cigares Vintage, Edición Limitada, Edición Regional, Grand Reserva

The world of the collector 

When you take the step and enter the field of collecting, irrationality meets passion. The collector is ready to do anything to obtain the desired cigars. It will therefore be necessary for him to invest precious time to acquire his beloved vitolas.

For any collector, it is imperative to keep his cigars in perfect conditions. Without this, it is useless to elaborate a collection. Consequently, rigor, patience and passion are the key words of this practice of enlightened amateur.

What is a vintage cigar?

Cigars have always been objects of covetousness and speculation. Every connoisseur is aware of the long-term investment that this can represent. The flavors of the best cigars become more exalted with time. The aromatic evolution depends on the terroir, the quality of the tobacco itself and the conditions of its harvest. It would be unwise not to add to this the value brought to the finished product by the manufacture and the fermentation process.
For some cigars, prices can be multiplied by 5, 10, 20 or even 100 over the years! Welcome to the world of “Vintage” cigars!

In this category you will find cigars with various names whose identification is made in relation to the quality of the tobacco that constitutes them, as well as the rarity of their production.

Our brands offer a magnificent range of exclusive products:

Cuban cigars:

Gran Réserva, Edicion Limitada, Edicion Régional, Estuche de Marqua, Cubatabaco Edicion Especial, Anejado Edicion, Maduro 5 Anjos, La Casa Del Habano Edicion Especial, ainsi que les humidors uniques vendu aux enchères au festival annuel de la Havane à Cuba.

Dominican Republic Cigars:

Arturo Fuente’s Opus X s, Opus X Maduro de Oro, Forbidden X, Opus X 22, Série Don Carlos de Anniversario, Opus X 20 Years Anniversario, Anejado Fuente, les Davidoff Master Blend Series, Série del Chef, Serie Limitada Davidoff, Whyte Serie, Art Serie.

Nicaraguayen Cigars:

Pepin Garcia et Paradiso, Abdel J. Fernandez, Oliva, Placencia the faithful  représentants of this wonderful terroir. The Brand Fuente, settled a new factory in 2018; La Belle et la Bête!

CHF 1'045.00

1 Humidor Cohiba Edition Limitée.

CHF 38'500.00

1 Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 - 50 Aniversario Humidor.

Out of stock
CHF 3'990.00

Humidor de 100 cigares.

CHF 1'990.00

Humidor de 50 cigares.

Out of stock
CHF 35'000.00

1 Cohiba 35 Aniversario Humidor contenant 135 cigares.


1 Ramón Allones Perfectos Edición Regional Suiza 2014 Humidor

CHF 7'500.00

1 Humidor Juan Lopez Eminentes Regional Edition Suiza 2016.


Collector's Humidors

Partagas 170 Aniversario (50)

CHF 28'000.00

1 humidor Partagas 170 Aniversario.

CHF 6'000.00

Humidor Collector de 50 cigares. (5 x 10 cigares).

CHF 2'250.00

Humidor Collector de 30 cigares. (15 Piramides + 15 Robustos Extras).

Out of stock
CHF 180'000.00

Cubatabaco 1492 Humidor - 1992. Boîte de 50 cigares. Prix sur demande

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