The cigar, A world of its own

The world of cigar is made up of multiple facets.
To discover them, it is necessary to take your time. The relationship between time and cigar is a love relationship, conflictual if one is in a hurry, loving and happy if one is initiated. Because to know how to take the time to taste a magnificent puros is an initiation, a humble and recreational step!
Knowing how to choose the right cigar for the right moment is part of the initiation.

The cigar is a product that can make you dream, transport you in states of happiness and satiety rarely reached. It can relax you, invite you to stroll, relax and sometimes even to a certain ecstasy. For my part, each tasting lets me glimpse and appreciate these taste architectures each time re-visited, re-invented. I leave time to time and the world is put at a respectable distance, to allow me to taste my cigar in the best possible way.