Storage conditions

The thermo-hygrometric system is set in such a way that the cellar is optimally tempered and humidified. Our precious cigars, as well as those of our customers, are kept in private boxes. We can say with absolute confidence that your cigars will develop and age to perfection under our care.

The cigar storage chain cannot afford the slightest deviation or variation in those basic elements of temperature and humidity. Those are the factors that guarantee the proper development of our precious vitolas.

Cigar producers work hard to preserve these conditions at all times. By following their line of work, we pay tribute to their creation and thereby tend to offer you the highest quality storage system available on the market.

We provide cigars with their own maturing area, a place where air and humidity circulate in a continuous flow so that the hydrometric constancy throughout the year remains optimal for better cigar conservation. This unique place respects the cigar as a work of art. Our passionate work is therefore entirely dedicated to the cigar and its preservation, for the greatest pleasure of our customers all over the world.