Cigare the book

“Every great Cigar House must realize something that will leave a print in the minds and spirits of the cigar world and its amateurs”.

Those words brought to me by a dear friend and connoisseur pushed me to realise a piece on the theme of the cigar.

That conversation took place in Cuba, on the terrace of the famous Hotel Nacional in February 2005. One year later, the project had taken shape. I gathered my team in order to create the book “Cigare”. Six years later, our dream became a reality.

It was a unique experience brought by the idea of an innovative project mixing creativity, philosophy and epicureanism. It shook up the codes and the way of perceiving cigars. The book “Cigare” is a work of art, an UFO that invites itself during evenings accompanied by volutes, or alone on a terrace to contemplate the landscape.

The Book “Cigar” is a sensational experience!

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Book "Cigare".