Furia Cigars

The name of the line pays tribute to the Greek myth of the “Furies” of the underworld: “Alecto”, “Megaera” and “Trisiphone”. The rings that usually encircle the cigars have been replaced by pieces of wool yarn in three different colours, each associated with one of the three modules. The Alecto is adorned with a dark blue cord, the Megaera with a red cord and the Trisiphone with a saffron-orange wool thread. Furia cigars are created from the best tobacco carefully selected in Nicaragua. The superior quality leaves are aged for 3 to 6 years and come from the best Esteli, Condega and Omotepe vintages. The “oscuro” wrapper elegantly envelops the blends from the Jalapa region. These three vitolas are a real success that will delight cigar lovers with a strong personality.



Furia Alecto

CHF 159.00

Furia Alecto. Boîte de 10 cigares.

CHF 50.00

Boîte de 3 cigares.

CHF 179.00

Furia Tisiphone. Boîte de 10 cigares.