Juan Clemente Cigars

This cigar is named after its French founder, Jean Clément (Cigares Juan Clemente), who emigrated from France to Latin America decades ago. In 1982, he founded a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, which is still a family business today. This small and fine factory in Satiago de los Caballeros was one of the first boutique tabacaleras as they are very fashionable again these days.

For the Juan Clemente Aniversario cigar blend, four different types of tobacco are used in the filler and covered with a Connecticut wrapper. In 2007, the Dominican manufacturer Juan Clemente celebrated its 25th anniversary with this special edition. Juan Clemente products are generally softer. Especially suitable for beginners because of its softness.

CHF 220.00 CHF 198.00

Boîte de 12 cigares.