Arturo Fuente Destino Al Siglo cigars

The Arturo Fuente Gran AniverXario Destino Al Siglo is one of the most exclusive Fuente cigars ever made. It was designed to celebrate 100 years of the Arturo Fuente cigar brand in 2012 (Siglo means century in Spanish).

However, a fire at the Fuente factory in 2011 delayed the release of these cigars until late 2013. Don Arturo Destino Al Siglo, as the name suggests, has a beautiful double band adorned with the photo of its founder, Don Arturo.

The boxes of 10 look like books and the cigars are medium-bodied with Dominican Sun Grown wrappers.

CHF 462.80

Box of 13 cigars.

CHF 438.10

Boîte de 13 cigares.

CHF 471.90

Boîte de 13 cigares.

CHF 505.70

Boîte de 13 cigares.