Juan Lopez Cigars

The History of Juan Lopez Cigars

The composition...

The composition of the cigars is limited to tobacco leaves grown in the Cuban region of La Vuelta Abajo. This specificity contributes to make Juan Lopez one of the top brands. Thanks to the quality of its Habanos combined with affordable prices, within a few years of its creation, the brand became a hit with the public and reached the summit of notoriety. It managed to maintain this position until the Cuban revolution. From then on, its popularity declined. The brand was only really successful with a handful of enthusiasts. As a result, Habanos S.A. ranks it as Media Bajo in its pyramid. Juan Lopez rebounded in the 1990s with the launch of two new vitolas. The introduction of the Selección No. 1 and Selección No. 2 cigars in its catalogue enabled it to win back the hearts of a wider public.

Specific features of the vitolas
The torcedores make Juan Lopez cigars by hand. These are long-filler cigars that easily tame the palate of light Cuban cigar lovers. The brand’s creations are appreciated by both novices and long-time smokers. The vitolas are marketed in limited volumes and are therefore sold out quickly. This strategy increased the brand’s popularity, as supply was not sufficient to meet demand. Juan Lopez cigars thus appear as rare products.

The catalogue
Juan Lopez is specialised in 4 modules, each corresponding to a specific vitola. The Petit Corona is represented by the Juan Lopez Petit Coronas cigar. As for the Corona Gorda module, it is carried by the Selección No. 2 cigar. The Selección No. 1 has a Robusto module. Finally, the Juan Lopez Panetelas Superbas has a Panatella module.

Premium tobacco
The soil of the Vuelta Abajo is rich in minerals. It is also a particularly sunny place. The sun gives off powerful heat and light for up to eight hours a day. In addition, there is a level of humidity that is highly appreciated by tobacco plants. The conditions are therefore right for producing tobacco of excellent quality. A cigar made from a Vuelta Abajo tobacco blend is naturally admired because its composition is a guarantee of its superiority. This is the case with the creations bearing the rings of Juan Lopez.


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