Gin is a spirit drink obtained by flavouring ethyl alcohol with mainly juniper berries1 , similar to juniper. The production of gin begins with the alcoholic fermentation of a malt (barley, rye, corn, etc.). It is quite similar to its ancestor genever, which is a traditional drink in all the former Netherlands (Netherlands and part of present-day Belgium).

The production of gin started in the Spanish Netherlands at the end of the 17th century and then became international. Ordinary gin tastes like a very dry spirit, so it is rarely drunk neat. It is mainly used in many cocktails when it is not already on the market in a flavoured version. In the past, the gin used on Royal Navy warships was almost 50 proof, which preserved the explosive properties of the gunpowder if it was accidentally brought into contact with the drink (storage in the bunker). This gin can still be found in some distilleries, such as Plymouth, under the name of “Marine Gin”.

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