Cigar Trophy, distinction: “The best European Civette of the year 2003”, Source: Hôtel Métropole – Paris

The Space

La Couronne Sa., utterly deserves its reputation as a legendary institution. 

Indeed, built in a centuries-old building, our cigar cellar faithfully reproduces what connoisseurs are entitled to find when they enter the magnificent world of cigars. 

The design of the cellar was a long term work. We wanted for the connoisseur to recognise the fine round curves of the most beautiful vitolas. Those curves would also remind him the magic, mysterious and beautiful shapes constructed by the smoke of a cigar being consumed. The colors were chosen in harmony with the magnificent style of famous cigar boxes. Our main concern was to give to these objects the visual value they deserve. As a privileged customer visiting our boutique, the warm tones chosen for the walls, surely will remind you the spirit of the carribeansWith certaintyyou’ll want to let yourself go, to forget everyday life and to indulge in the greatest pleasures of the « amateur »... The choice of your precious cigars. 

We chose warm tones for our walls, reminding you the visible feeling of the cigar producing countries.  You’ll simply want to let yourself go, to forget everyday life and to indulge in the greatest pleasures of the passionate… The choice of these precious cigars. 

The walls are covered with pictures taken during travels in the producing countries. These photos show each of the essential steps in the making of the perfect cigar. Tabaceros, Master Blender in action, factory owners, the tobacco fields, as much as the stages of fermentation. 

By entering our world you have access to a very vast choice of cigars that you can select individually. The choice is exhaustive and the quality carefully controlled. You will find the vitolas of the four main countries with which we work in priority: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras. 

More than 2000 types of cigars are just waiting to be revealed to you. By pushing further your research you will discover an exceptional choice of cigars in boxes of 10, 25 and 50 cigars or half-wheel. Some of these pieces are extremely rare. Thus, entering our house is like going on a treasure hunt. No one can ever know what we will be able to unearth for your greatest pleasure and wonder. 

The eye of Zino Davidoff, immortalized by a bust, unique work of art, will make you think of the great master he was, as well as of his generosity and his great knowledge of cigars. Carlos Fuente Jr., a man that I respect enormously for his entrepreneurial courage and creative genius, will make you want to push the discovery of new flavors even further. His picture is on display in our cellar, which, as you will understand, is also a place of homage for these great men of tobacco. The Padron family, the Levin family, Placencia, Oliva, Avo Uvezian, Davidoff, Litto Gomez, and so many others, are at the heart of our daily passion. 

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